About Kaash

Kaash is a venture by two music lovers from Bangalore.
Bal Krishn Birla
Shammas Oliyath

Birla is the founder of Bhoole Bisre Geet (BBG) a forum for old hindi song lovers to spend time listening, singing and discussing about old hindi songs. BBG has grown to a strength getting close to half a million as on 2015. Birla is also an Urdu poet who brings out the emotions of human lives in the form of poems. *Poems by Birla

The songs of ‘Kaash…’ are songs written by Birla and Composed and Sung by Shammas Oliyath.

Shammas Oliyath, also an active member of BBG, is a music lover who fulfills his passion for music by attempting singing songs of Mukesh and Talat Mahmood. He was born to a musical family at Tellicherry, Kerala and has a deep interest at composing melodies. Read more about Shammas Oliyath here: *shammas-oliyath-bengalurus-own-velvet-voice

Flambit Studio, Bangalore Thanks to Suraj and Team of Flambit Studios, Bangalore for all the wonderful services at composing, arranging, recording and mastering of the songs. 
Kaash Team

Kaash is typically of a Ghazal genre and are mostly melancholy songs and the focus is on Urdu songs and melodious music. Hope we will not disappoint the melody lovers and the encouragement that we have received and continue to receive from all our friends and well wishers is what which keeps us going.

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