The Chai Point Meet…

Kaash…’ is one of those chai pe charcha outcomes which started off sometime in December 2012. Both Birla and Shammas are highly passionate about Old Hindi Songs and Indian Melodies. One thing the two had in common was the worry about how the melodious Indian music industry is getting diluted mixing up with other genres. Also the lyrics and the songs are loosing the charm which it had primary because of the subtleness of Urdu which is hardly used while writing songs these days.

Kaash is a venture to try to get back Urdu writing and Melodies back to modern Indian Music. The simplicity that existed in old Hindi songs will be followed for the songs of Kaash. The songs are aimed to be of those kind which gets better the more times you hear it.

The song list of Kaash…

0. Ibteda

1. Khat ko likhta hoon

2. Kuchh Zazbaat chhupe hain

3. O mere dil ki hansi shehzadi

4. Wo Zubaanein

5. Besabab Zindagi basar nahin hoti

6. Kaash